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₹ 2,989

₹ 7,000


We are an online community of subscribers who wanna share their joy of watching Netflix with other members and split their monthly bills.

We are offering Single screen in a shared Netflix Premium Subscription which will cost you 70% less price than full subscription.

✔ Watch in Highest Quality - 4k/HDR.

✔ Watch on Any Device - Mobile, Laptop, TV etc

✔ No more paying huge subscription fee !

✔ No more relying on others for sharing monthly cost.

✔ No inconvenient talk/interaction with subscription owner. We handle all the talk.

✔ Cancel whenever you wish. We won't ask why.

We are the only GENUINE site which provides 100% LEGAL and Paid accounts which are shared by members like you. Hence, our accounts never get banned or suspended.

❌ We GUARANTEE you that every other seller on internet provides accounts created using hacked or stolen credit cards. Such accounts get banned or suspended within few days and you will lose your money. These accounts are also highly illegal and if you are buying such accounts you can go to jail